By changing or deleting the wrong keys, you could cause major problems—some errors could even require you to reinstall Windows due to serious damage. Fortunately enough, there are ways of tracking any changes that occur with your registries, and this can be done with the help of dedicated registry monitoring tools. Furthermore, the solution also offers a quick and deep scanning of all the temporary, cache, and search files to delete them with a single click. This section will include the registry errors as well, and you can just relax until the software does its job. CCleaner is also available as portable software, so you don’t even need to install it.

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In the Registry Editor window that shows up on the screen, click on the yes option to confirm the Windows Registry restoration. The Registry Editor, or rather the Regedit, will open, and your files will be restored. A dialogue box will appear—key in a description and select Create. Select the Create option and follow the instruction given to finish creating a restore point.

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Below are the different values you encounter while in the Windows registry and a brief description about what type of data each value can contain. On the other hand, to choose one of your restore points, select Choose a different restore point and then select your restore point from the list. Disk Cleanup will now begin deleting all the corrupted, temporary and non-essential system files. It will now scan for all the non-critical system files that you could remove from your PC. Similar to the SFC Tool, DISM (Deployment Image & Servicing Management Scan) is also a command-line tool provided by Microsoft. Where this tool differs from its counterpart is in its scanning methodology. Navigate to the backed-up registry file, select it and click Open win32u.dll windows 8.

The drawback of this method of installation is that there are chances of a hidden virus being stored in the DLL file which remains undetected by anti-virus programs until you launch it. In the Windows system registry, DLL files are safely stored and used by Windows programs such as browsers and games. As long as they are secure, there is nothing to worry about. After the scan is complete, review the failure report. After the scan is complete, the wizard will automatically remove any threats. Consequently, we will use some anti-malware tools to remove it from the system.

  • Of course, at the end of the process which lasts for only a couple of seconds, you will get a similar report with the status of the repairs.
  • Then choose a solution on how to deal with bad sectors.
  • Sometimes malware/viruses can be responsible for the same.
  • These include full registry scanning and optimization features, and the beginner-friendly Easy Clean mode is excellent for those with little tech experience.
  • This infected file takes action when the application is loaded.

Most adware programs track how you browse the internet and report the information to an interested party. Spyware is software that gathers and transmits information without your knowledge. Spyware programs usually track information about websites visited, browser and system information, and your computer IP address . Unscrupulous people can violate your privacy if you carelessly share your email information. As criminals use more sophisticated tools, you need to be vigilant in your daily activities.

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Sometimes, hard drives can fail without warning, or just before you do a health check. That’s why it’s vital to have redundantdata backup proceduresin place. One of the easiest and most reliable ways to back up data and prevent significant data loss is by using an external hard drive.

Go to the settings and click Windows Update, then Run the Troubleshooter. If you get a JavaScript error when trying to launch or install Discord or another app, the application data may be corrupt.

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