Our Company

Condor Construction Corp. is a civil construction company operating in Central Florida, focused on highway construction, we provide full-package and project management services.

Condor dedicates itself to civil infrastructure developments including: highway and road improvements, site development, land development, concrete and asphalt construction, ports, transportation and marine structures, concrete foundations and all other projects related to exterior improvements of public or private clients.

Our strength comes from strategic planning, company organization and our team’s extensive knowledge and expertise which allows us to complete projects on time and under budget.

Our Mission

The purpose of Condor Construction Corp. is the development of infrastructure projects in the United States that satisfies stakeholders expectations while growing our knowledge base and expertise. We emphasize on environmental compliance, top-tier human talent and the use of cutting-edge technology.


Corporate Values



We act firmly, honestly and sincerely, always working well. We work just as hard as when no one is looking.


We fulfill our responsibilities with exceptional quality, seeking continuous improvement and maximizing innovation to achieve optimal results.



We are sensitive to people’s values, the environment and the property of the organization. We value harmony in interpersonal, labor and business relations.


Your project becomes our project, we take ownership from start to finish. With us, you can build confidently.

Positive attitude:

We work with joy and passion, showing love for what we do. We inspire creativity, while bringing optimism and fun to our work.