In the latest version (7.8.4, early 2020), you can place themes in either [NPP-INSTALL-FOLDER]\themes or %APPDATA%\Notepad++\themes. If you are working with Notepad++ for most of the projects, frequently changing themes make you feel better and also help increase productivity. Bespin is one of the top-rated and downloaded themes for Notepad++. Try Lunar theme to enjoy coding in a convenient dark and colorful environment. Even the simplest tools can empower developers to do great things. Code editors seem like a simple tool but have a significant impact on developers’ productivity and workflow.

Furthermore, it supports many languages and various programming languages. We can say it is a full-blown editor that also works as a light IDE, as in Integrated Development Environment. Losing an important Notepad file can be devastating. Thankfully, using the methods outlined in this article, you can recover a Notepad file on Windows 10 without much effort. Unfortunately, there’s no way to recover an unsaved Notepad file on Windows 10, nor is there a way to restore an unsaved Notepad autosave since it doesn’t support this feature. It’s important to note that you cannot recover an unsaved Notepad file.

  • When AutoCAD autosaves a file, the drawing is saved at specified intervals.
  • How do compare and differentiate file text content in notepad++ Text editor using plugins or packages and natively?.
  • This will work regardless of the order of the cells in your notebook.

Data comparison between files and folders can be a tiresome and time-consuming task. There are tools available that make the task much easier. We share with you, brief details of WinMerge alternatives. You can compare data and then merge text files using WinMerge.

Compare Files with DiffDog

Follow the steps below to create your first web page with Notepad or TextEdit. Web pages can be created and modified by using professional HTML editors. A simple text editor is all you need to learn HTML. Yes, it’d be unprofessional to not include the true, best way of getting rid of the “Activate Windows” watermark — activating Windows. If you already have a way to validate your copy of the operating system, rejoice!

I often compare 2 or multiple similar files and do not want to open other software to do that, so I use compare extension for that. Though I’ve not been able to change the line endings for one file in Notepad++ but I can do that in Sublime Text 3. The orange and yellow theme that is default hurts the ol’eyeballs, and the other themes just dont look good with javascript.

⃣Recover Unsaved and Deleted Notepad Files via Shortcut

In this article, you will find methods through which you can easily change the Notepad++ font size. This is one amongst the most awesome notepad++ themes you will get anywhere online. The Dracula theme is also one of the most used themes by programmers and developers.

The following table contains different background colors for each of its rows by specifying a background-color property for each identified tag. The text color of selected rows is set with the color property. In addition, one particular cell is assigned a background color that overrides the color of the row it occupies, and it is given a different border style. Working on the Notepad++ editor for a long period of time with the default theme can make you feel bored. Because the native theme is very basic & it doesn’t have any color combination like many other third-party themes have.